The first time it occurred to me to have sex in the car

Sweat invades your body, the windows are fogged and romantic music is heard in the background, at that moment you realize that passion has gone out of control and you want to have sex in the car.

Either to enjoy or for the little budget that the couple has, but the first time you have relationships in the car can be a very pleasant experience or the worst experience.

In an experiential sense we decided to list the things that happen when you have sex in the car.

The place? As much as you are, you always look for the most isolated or less frequented place, since you do not want to be the exhibitionist or caught on video and then you see that your adventure was recorded and put on the news of the night.

Few positions can be made. If you have a Vocho, forget it, maybe with a couple of positions you will be well served to put passion with your chic @. Doing it in a back seat is the least uncomfortable but you should know that there will be few variants, unless you have taken a previous look at the Kamasutra.

Make sure the glass and doors. It is like the law of laws; make sure the doors and the windows are closed, if you can cover them so that nothing is seen, although by breathing remember to leave a window open a little, so that the heat comes out and calls less attention.

You break something inside the car. It can be so much passion that once you have your clothes in place you realize that you broke the directional lever, threw the ashtray or plugged the codera, or worse, you stained the clothes. We almost always regret after the act.

I already “catch” the law. Avoid being the only car parked somewhere dark and far away, since that not only attracts thieves but policemen who will want to know why you are only in the place. They call you at your window and you panic. Although some may want to take money from you by telling you that it is an illegal act, the ONLY thing they can do is get your attention.

Either to add one more experience to your life or because you really have the “thorn” to do it in your car. Do not forget to protect yourself and enjoy the experience.